Polling Samples

Political Data polling samples are generated from our current and comprehensive voter file. Our polling samples are created using a “random” or “stratified” sampling technique to ensure an accurate representation of the desired voters in a district. Sample orders include a statistical sample counter to help pollsters retain the integrity of their surveys.

Clients only need to provide the sample geography, demographic universe, number of desired interviews, and the pull method (random or stratified). PDI polling samples are typically clustered to reflect the number of interviews required to complete the survey. Following the one interview per cluster method will facilitate an accurate distribution of interviews by geographic and demographic attributes.

We encourage clients to take advantage of our knowledgeable staff for assistance in creating polling samples. We can usually identify any potential pitfalls associated with your project and discuss the available solutions.

Please click on the following link for a file layout and description of all fields included on our sample files:
Polling Sample File Layout