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For general inquiries (not tech support) call (800) 638-4649 or send an email to

Software & Technical Support Services:

You will get the fastest support service by sending an email to This will ensure that a team of people will see your email and the first available person will respond. After sending your email, you are welcome to call for technical support at (800) 638-4649.

For billing questions or comments, please call us directly at (800) 638-4649.

For all other questions or comments, please send emails to:

Account Representatives/Targeting Consultants:

Kevin Callan –

Mailing Address: PO Box 59570, Norwalk, CA 90652

Business hours: Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm.


Our offices are located in Norwalk, CA. To protect the privacy of voters and our clients we request that you call us to schedule an appointment before visiting our office.