Mapping Services

GIS Mapping

The most exciting addition to the services provided by Political Data is GIS mapping. We believe mapping offers new and unique alternatives to target and analyze voters. Mapping allows campaigns to target voters based on their geographic location, without the limitations of registrar-defined areas. We also have the most complete collection of precinct boundary maps to help your campaign organize its efforts around the precincts that make up your district.

Here are just a few other examples of the mapping services currently provided by Political Data:

  • Select voters who live within a specific distance to the ocean, an airport, a river, or any other location.
  • Client specific boundaries used for selection of voters.
  • Match registered and non-registered members of an organization to their districts.
  • Create maps displaying election results and demographic variables by precinct.
  • Select voters by census tract, block group, or block.
  • Select voters living in a specific housing development with ease.
  • View the geographic location of your identified supporters to help GOTV.

If you can imagine how you want to create your geographic target, we can probably map it. Political Data has over 95% of the voters in California geocoded (geographically identified). We currently offer files that include geocode information with census tracts, block groups, and block information.

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission’s New Legislative District Maps and Data

The California Redistricting Data Library

The California Redistricting Data Library (CRDL) was developed to supplement the information available from the UC Berkeley Statewide Database and new 2010 census to allow organizations better interact with the Citizens Redistricting Commission. The demographic and voter data is compiled by 2010 census blocks and the geographic data was assembled as Maptitude bin layers. Data sets can be customized to reflect the geography of your project.

A CRDL subscription includes:

  • Voter Data Profile by 2010 Census Blocks
  • Demographic Data Profile by 2010 Census Blocks
  • 2008 General Election Results by 2010 Census Blocks
  • 2010 General Election Results by 2010 Census Blocks
  • 2000 Census Data for Population, Race, Ethnicity & Party Affiliation converted to 2010 Census Blocks
  • Partisan Representation Map Layers
  • Incumbent Legislators & Likely Candidates Data
  • You will also be entitled to 4 hours of consulting assistance from a GIS mapping consultant.

For additional information and pricing, please call Gary Brown at (818) 954-8445, or email