Digital Advertising

What is digital advertising? Digital advertising are ads on the internet. Digital advertising includes advertisements and messages delivered through social media websites, online advertising on search engines, banner ads on mobile or websites and affiliates programs. You see ads for products and services every day when scrolling through Facebook and Twitter, those free apps on your phone, and whenever you do a Google search.

Digital advertising is for all campaigns, big and small. Digital is inexpensive. Unlike traditional advertising, you can pick who you want to see your ads. For small campaigns, this means a cheap communication strategy with a BIG impact. For large campaigns, this means supporting their extensive multi-million-dollar voter communication strategy with micro-targeted ads to voters that are receptive to those messages. Digital has a home in the smallest and largest budget campaigns.

The key to digital is targeting. No longer are campaigns happy with broadcasting ads to anyone who reads the Fresno Bee, as an example. Instead, a campaign is using the same tools they use to create mail, phone and walk universes, building targeted lists of voters by party, turnout likelihood, and ethnicity/gender or other factors. These segmented universes are being sent specific ads.

This means that your ad is only being seen by the voters you chose. You’re not paying for ads to be put on the phones and computers of non-registered voters, kids, internet bots, or people around the country who can’t vote in your election.

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Digital Ads are an exclusive feature of the PDI Campaign Center

Our Partners

Political Data has partnered with the top players in political digital advertising. Our partners can help you reach your voters using our top-quality voter data. Contact one of our partners and start your digital advertising campaign today, be it direct to Facebook, or adding cookie ads, IP targeting, geofencing, Video on Demand, or any other digital targeting.


AKPD Message and Media stands out as one of the nation’s most successful and prominent firms representing Democratic candidates and progressive causes.**


At the very core of Asellus is the passion and excitement we have for media. Our business is to grow you business and we delight in helping our clients succeed. 

Audience Partners

Audience Partners is the leading provider of data-fueled, audience-based addressable advertising solutions that span four-screens: desktop, mobile, tablet & TV.

BASK Digital

BASK Digital Media is a full-service digital strategy and marketing agency catering to public affairs, legislative advocacy, corporate advocacy, and political campaigns.

Digital Impact &

Digital Impact & is a full-service communications firm ready to help you develop results-driven campaigns designed to elevate your story & surpass your goals.


DSPolitical pioneers the best integration of data and technology to persuade audiences and deliver wins for progressives with the most efficient and effective digital advertising campaigns in politics. **

Strategies 360

Strategies 360 is full-service research, public affairs, and communications firm, bringing deep expertise, providing a full range of services, and promising sharp strategic thinking that gets results.

Left Hook

Left Hook is a Democratic political strategy and media firm. We have helped elect dozens of state, congressional, senatorial and gubernatorial candidates to office. **

Jacobson & Zilber

Jacobson & Zilber makes award winning ads and helped to win 35 races last cycle across the country. Stories that move you. Anything but conventional.

FP1 Strategies

FP1 Strategies is a full-service campaign consulting and advertising firm providing an integrated basket of services to help our clients reach Fifty Plus 1 on Election Day.


ProDataRX specializes in advanced digital marketing campaigns, providing full service media buying and strategy services for banner, video, audio, social, and search advertising.

SKD Knickerbocker

We craft the message, devise winning strategies and deliver award winning creative for candidates, institutions and referendums across the county. **


Division D

Division-D and VoterX offer nearly 20 years’ experience in the digital media industry executing successful campaigns for our political partners across a fully transparent and brand-safe environment.

Yosemite Consulting

Yosemite Consulting is a California based digital media services agency that specializes in persuasion advertising for political, public health, and non profit campaigns.



FogLamp is an innovative digital firm that starts with your goals in mind and build a plan to help you raise more money online, move people into your campaign or organization, and reach the right audiences at the right time with the right message.

Southwestern Consulting

We believe in being examples of success by operating with integrity, self-discipline, and passion in every area of our lives and our business.


RTBiq. Digital advertising and social media services to amplify your field, direct mail, television, radio, and voter outreach campaign strategy.

Pacific Political, Inc.

Pacific Political, Inc. is a general political consulting firm led by Principal John Franklin, focused on providing excellent service to its clients by building and maintaining strong relationships.

Rally Campaigns

A next generation team of strategists and media consultants who win statewide ballot measures and work to elect candidates at the local, state, and federal levels.

Trilogy Interactive

Trilogy Interactive manages digital marketing programs for some of the biggest names in progressive politics, issue advocacy, and the not-for-profit space.

Gateway Media

A full-service digital agency connecting campaigns with premium channel platforms.

Media IQ

Media IQ specializes in connecting data to discover insights that drive outcomes.


Resonate is a pioneer in voter intelligence, delivering deep understanding, dynamic insights, cross-channel engagement and analysis in a single, simple-to-use SaaS platform.


Unearth produces the breakthrough digital public affairs tools advocacy professionals trust to win.

Trusted Messenger Marketing

Digital advertising and social media services to amplify your field, direct mail, television, radio, and voter outreach campaign strategy.


A full-service digital marketing agency, we provide web design, internet marketing, SEO, social media, PPC, email marketing, content writing and web hosting services to small and large organizations. 

Addressable Media

Addressable Media is a leading video distribution, advertising and monetization platform for original and professionally produced premium content.

NP Strategy Group

NP Strategy Group is an agency that helps organizations plan, communicate, and succeed through the use of data, creativity, and experience. **



A women-owned and run full-service digital agency that integrates cutting-edge tactics with scroll-stopping creative to power an impact that wins.


Axiom Strategies

Axiom Strategies is one of the largest and most diverse Republican political consulting and public relations firms in the United States, offering full agency services to candidates across the country. **


Amplify Campaigns

Dan Rottenstreich has over a decade of experience creating impactful direct mail, digital ads and TV for candidates, labor unions and progressive groups. AAPC Pollie Awards winner.

Cook + Schmid

Cook + Schmid is a full service marketing communications firm with a specialization digital outreach to targeted and niche

Agency ETA

Agency ETA

Agency ETA is a full service creative &
digital agency located in Downtown Long

Compete Digital

COMPETE is a full-service digital agency. We combine decades of political experience with proven digital strategies from Silicon Valley to
win the most votes out of our clients’ budgets.

Campaign Rep

CampaignRep Inc is a premier digital agency for compelling web designs and online solutions for businesses, non-profits, and government entities

Arka Pana

Arka Pana

A team of digital do-gooders who will help turn your mission into a mission accomplished.

Statehouse Media


Edmond Group

Prosper Group

Prosper Group. Online strategy that gets results.


FWD Citizen

KMP Strategies

SB Digital

Torrential Inc.

** This vendor only works with clients of a specific ideology or party affiliation. 

Start your digital advertising campaign today!

Digital Ads are an exclusive feature of the PDI Campaign Center

Digital is Easy

  1. Create and save a list of the voters you want to target. You can also use a list of voters that you’re already targeting with your direct mail, field outreach, email campaign, or other programs.
  2. You work with a digital vendor to make your digital plan. It could be as simple as some boosted Facebook posts, all the way to 30-second video-on-demand ads.
  3. In the Create Lists and Files section of the PDI Campaign Center, select Digital Ads and the next menu will allow you to send that data directly to your digital vendor.