Voter Data

As California’s largest provider of voter information for over 25 years, our mission has always been to provide voter data that is current, accurate, comprehensive, and yet simple to use. It is no secret that effectively communicating with voters requires quality data. No software program, mobile app, or other cutting edge technology can ever make up for using poor quality data.

Voter data is the foundation to your campaign’s investment in direct mail, phone calls, door to door canvassing, email, or online advertising. This is why so many campaigns and organizations have relied on Political Data Inc. since 1987.

Keeping it Current

Nobody updates voter files more frequently than PDI. We update our voter file for each county 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, and 15 days prior to statewide election cycles. We provide mail ballot updates statewide every 1-3 days based on availability. Our files are continuously updated for National Change of Address (NCOA), deceased, and phone numbers accuracy every month.

Keeping it Relevant

PDI has consistently provided our clients with all the data they need for their voter targeting and voter communication.
This includes:

Comprehensive Vote History
Mobile Phone
Permanent Vote By Mail status
Email Addresses
Commercial Marketing Data.
Plus Many More…

Keeping it Innovative

PDI continues to be a leader in voter data innovation with numerous synthetic data fields such as our Mail Ballot Return Scores which identify exactly when mail Ballot voters have historically returned their ballots. We also have developed widely used targeting universes and models as well as “Active Household” segmentation..