PDI has been providing data to candidates and consultants for more than 25 years, consistently adapting to the changing needs of modern campaigns and always maintaining the quality products for our clients.

PDI is committed to seeing our clients have a positive user experience when working with our products. To that end, we provide excellent support for our products with experienced professionals. Every person you engage with on the customer service side has at least a decade’s experience in their area.

There are three main product types with differing support elements:

Specific Data Files: When you need to purchase or work with a single mail file, set of walk sheets, phone bank data or other individual data product, the first stops should be the Counts Page where you can find your jurisdiction and make data orders. When you have a file and have questions about a PDI code you can check the Electoral Glossary or Support Codes.

PDI Online Campaign Center: The PDI system is an industry leading online voter file management software and dataset used by campaigns to run voter contact ranging from precinct walking and phone banking to mail programs. When a client purchases the PDI system it comes with free live online instruction and training on each feature the campaign will be using. Group trainings can also be coordinated in our Sacramento office. Email info@politicaldata.com to schedule a Sacramento group training.

PDI Email, Fundraising and Social Media Integration: the newest features within PDI allow customers to directly interact with voters through email and social networking. This includes soliciting and processing online contributions. Support for these systems can also be done through webinars or in-person trainings.

For a full listing of specific products, please visit our Products section. If you need further support please contact the appropriate Service Representatives at the bottom of this page.

Software Support Services:

General Support – support@PoliticalData.com
Email Support – support@PoliticalData.com

Account Representatives:

Kevin Callan – Kevin@PoliticalData.com
Paul Mitchell – Paul@PoliticalData.com

Political Data understands the importance of product support. It’s our goal to make our website so user-friendly that you will never need to call us, but we’re here to answer any question you might have.

In the navigation to the left of this page you will find support information on our various products and services. In the Products section of this website, you will find detailed information about each product, including descriptions and the actual file layouts. If you need futher assistance contact our software support services or your account representive.