Political Data offers a variety of products designed for a specific type of use to maximize ease of use and effectiveness. Unfortunately, they rarely have multi-purpose usability. Please read about our products carefully to ensure you are using the best product that reflects your needs. If you are not sure about which products to purchase after reading this page, please contact a PDI targeting consultant.

All of our products are sent electronically via email or ftp except for printed lists. Printable lists for door- to-door or phone canvassing can be sent electronically and then printed on site. This expedites shipping time and offers savings in printing and shipping charges.

PDI Campaign Center

The PDI Campaign Center is a web-based software platform with tools designed to help political campaigns and organizations of all sizes manage their voter, donor, volunteer, and membership data for election strategy, communications, and analysis. The Campaign Center can be accessed by any desktop, laptop, or tablet computer with a decent internet connection. The system is connected to our robust voter database to provide real time data updates.

Mail Files

PDI mail files are designed specifically for direct mail use. We group all individuals in a household together to avoid sending multiple pieces of mail to the same house. Each mail file record includes fields for name, address, and house salutation. Other mail file layouts are designed for mail ballot applications or one piece per voter.

Walk / Phone Lists

Phone and Walk sheets are designed to be printed from pdf file. The lists can be printed and shipped by PDI for an additional fee. Walk list are grouped and sorted for canvassing door-to-door. Phone lists are grouped and sorted phone canvassing. Lists can be customized with response codes, surveys. You can also show sub-universes in bold print, check marks, or 3 character codes

Phone Files

Our phone files are primarily designed to be used by professional telemarketing firms. Our standard format groups voters with the same phone number into a single record to avoid calling the same house multiple times. We do, however, have a phone file layout with one voter per record. We also have an auto dial layout specifically designed for “robo calls”.

Polling Samples

Political Data polling samples can be a random n-thing or can be formatted into clusters for a stratified sample. These techniques are used to ensure an accurate representation of the desired voters in a district. Clients only need to provide the sample geography, demographic universe, number of desired interviews, and the pull method.


Contacting voters by email can be an effective alternative to traditional methods such as mail and phone. We began collecting email lists in 2003 and have email addresses for over a third of voters on our voter file. Many of our clients have successfully used our email sending platform for voter contact, fundraising, signature gathering, and member communications.

Mapping Services

The most exciting addition to the services provided by Political Data is GIS mapping. We believe mapping offers new and unique alternatives to target and analyze voters. Mapping allows campaigns to target voters based on their geographic location, without the limitations of registrar-defined areas. We also have the most complete collection of precinct boundary maps to help your campaign organize its efforts around the precincts that make up your district.

Voter File Matching

PDI offers file matching services for matching members of trade, professional, and volunteer organizations to our statewide voter file. We can identify members by legislative district and append such information to your database. Our matches are very accurate and can usually be completed in a few days or less.

Donor Management

Take credit card contributions. Manage your donors. Track expenditures and contributions. Electronically file your compliance reports.Our partnership with Integrated Solutions Political (ISP) allows us to offer a full accounting software suite designed specifically for the fundraising and compliance needs of political campaigns. Best of all, since it fully integrates with the PDI Campaign Center, you don’t have to enter data into two separate systems.

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