Bulk Rate Mail

If you’re using a bulk permit to send out a mailer, we recommend that you pay a mailing service (mailing house) to handle any pre-sorted bulk rate mailings you have plans to do using our data. In most cases, the postal rate you will pay having a mailing house will be far less expensive than trying to send a mailing out yourself, not to mention the time you save by freeing your campaign staff from applying labels by hand.

With all of our added data enhancements, including National Change of Address data, our mailing data is simply the best. But, since we are not a full service mailing house and we never actually handle a customer’s mail piece, we are limited in what pre-sorting we can provide to our customers.

We can provide you with the Move Update Requirement Documentation we have available, verifying that we have run our data through a National Change of Address (NCOA) file, which is something we routinely do for all mailing data file orders.

First Class Mail

If the size of your mailing does not justify using a mailing service, we recommend that you print your own labels using our mailing data and send your mailer out as a first class mailing.

We can also sort our mail files by zip code, precinct and many other variables, to be used for first class mailings.

Click on the following link to visit the United States Post Office Web site – www.usps.com