Printed Walk Lists

Political Data’s walk lists are very easy to use and yet contain an amazing amount of information. We give you the choice of using one of our standard layouts, from which you can then customize by requesting a set of custom response codes and/or highlight sub-groups of voters with bold printing, a flag symbol and other unique codes.

All of our lists can be sent electronically as a pdf to expedite delivery and avoid unnecesary printing and shipping charges.

Our standard layouts include the following information:

  • Precinct (sorting)
  • Odd/Even Sorting (optional)*
  • Phone number
  • Full Address
  • First / Last Name (including Jr./Sr.)
  • Middle Initial
  • Party
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Count of Total Votes (last 5 elections)**
  • Count of Absentee Votes (last 5 elections)**
  • Barcode of Voter ID#/Affidavit# (optional)
  • Overlapping Congressional, Senate, Assembly, Supervisorial, and Council Districts
  • Response codes (Y N U NH MV B# LS V)
  • Description of all flag, party, and response codes on each page

When you order a custom walk list from Political Data, you can choose from any field of information listed in our file layouts. You can choose a specific font or even bold print voters with a specific select. We do not apply extra charges for most custom walk lists.

* Odd/Even sorting refers to splitting the list according to the last digit in the street number. This creates a separate list for each side of the street.
** You can choose which elections you want counted.

You can see samples of some of our basic walk lists by clicking on a link below.

We also offer individual precinct maps that you can purchase along with a walk list. For more information on maps, please see Mapping Services, or contact you PDI rep.
Sample Precinct Map (pdf)