PDI is excited to announce the release of PDI Connections, a built-in application that allows PDI users to create friend-to-friend phone banks.

This program allows your supporters – wherever they are in the country, to engage their friends ian your district on behalf of your campaign. 

PDI Connections asks volunteers to import their personal Gmail or Yahoo contacts to a voter file matching program in the PDI, and then creates a custom list of their contacts within your district, school board seat, or whatever jurisdiction you’re running in.  It’s quick, easy, and very cool!

Once a volunteer’s personal contacts have been matched, they will be sent a link to a PDI Connections phone bank that looks exactly like any other PDI Online Phone Bank, except everyone on their list will be someone who matches a person in their address book. 

The online phone banks have been used by thousands of volunteers in California in more than 150 different campaigns.  They make it easy to read through the campaign phone script and enter data back into the system. This is a great way to build upon existing relationships and reach folks who may not otherwise show up in your universe.

We’d like to invite you to join us for a tutorial webinar on the PDI Connections application next Thursday, May 17th at 11am or 2pm. (need a link for these) We’ll cover everything you need to know to go ahead and use this app in your own campaign. Click here to register for one of these training times!

If you can’t make one of these trainings, please follow us at http://www.twitter.com/political_data to find out about other training dates!