Online Campaign Center FAQs

Computer Requirements

Minimum Computer Requirements
Any operating system that supports a modern browser with a high speed internet connection is capable of accessing the PDI Online Campaign Center. This includes Windows 98, ME, XP, 2000, 2003 and any new version of Windows. Apple OS X can be supported as well as most versions of Linux.

All data processing in this program is performed on PDI servers and NOT on your computer. The only requirement for your local computer should be the ability to print large lists from Adobe pdf files. However, depending upon the size of the list, you may always choose to have your list printed by PDI or your print shop.

Browser Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows – Internet Explorer 6.0+
  • Apple OS 10.2.8 or Higher – Apple Safari 1.2+
  • Linux – FireFox 1.0+

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How it works

The Political Data Incorporated (PDI) Online Campaign Center is a web-based campaign management software application to be used by political campaigns and consultants. We designed this application with the specific goal of providing more voter information resources to political campaigns. In addition, we wanted the application to be user-friendly for individuals with varying campaign and computer experience.

The web-based data environment allows PDI to perform the more complex data management tasks and lets the campaigns focus on campaign work. This seamless backend partnership between PDI and the campaign is the true strength behind the application.

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Available Tools and Training

It is our goal to have all users quickly trained on and effectively using the Online Campaign Center. We provide many types of training tools to get you started. We start each campaign with a 30 minute product orientation. This orientation is also available as an online tutorial. The program has a comprehensive user manual, Frequently Asked Questions page, and help menus throughout the program.

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Program Security

The PDI Online Campaign Center uses Verisign SSL encryption to provide the highest level of online security. Over 93% of Fortune 500 companies and the top ten U.S. Banks use this same encryption protocol.

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Multiple User Accounts

The PDI Online Campaign Center does not limit the number of user accounts per campaign. User accounts can be assigned one of five different levels of security that restrict access to various parts of the program. In addition, user accounts can be limited to a specific geography such as precincts or cities.

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Printing and Exporting of Files

All output lists and files generated by the PDI Online Campaign Center are sent directly to a File Pickup Area for each campaign. Even Walk and Phone List are generated as a pdf file. This process provides a more efficient method for delivering large print reports from a web application. Files can then be download to a local computer. Once the pdf is downloaded, the report can be printed with many options for reprints and using multiple printers.

Form letters and labels can be processed through Microsoft Word and Excel. The PDI Online Campaign Center simply generates the source data for a mail merge. This method provides unlimited flexibility for designing a form letter. We have found that most users are already familiar with using Microsoft Word for mail merges.

Specific instructions on generating mail merge form letters and labels can be found in the ‘Create Lists and Files’ section of the manual.

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Backing Up and Downloading Data

Proprietary data that is generated by campaigns is backed up daily and can be restored if necessary. Campaigns do not have any data backup responsibilities in regards to voter data stored in the PDI Online Campaign Center application. A campaign can quickly download all proprietary flags from the Administrative menu.

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Product Support

Political Data, Inc. is committed to helping campaigns fully utilize the PDI Online Campaign Center. The purpose of the PDI Online Campaign Center is to facilitate the management of the PDI voter file. This voter file contains over 90 separate data fields and is somewhat complicated in its nature. It is unrealistic to believe that individuals with limited computer skills and electoral experience will be able to use the program without investing a fair amount of time reading the documentation and familiarizing themselves with electoral terminology. Political Data has a full time technical support staff dedicated to helping clients with the Online Campaign Center Software. We cannot be expected, however, to train users on Microsoft Windows or explain electoral terminology such as the nature of voting precincts and propensity universes.

Political Data strongly encourages campaigns practice working with the Online Campaign Center as early as possible. Upon receiving the software, our support representatives are more than happy to provide a brief one-time orientation of the product and demonstration of commonly performed tasks. This is usually done by web conferencing/telephone and helps users become acquainted with the program.

We are confident that the availability of our free limited phone product support, comprehensive product documentation, and website FAQs demonstrate our genuine commitment to helping campaigns fully utilize the PDI Online Campaign Center.

We still, however, continue to have many users that call for instructions on performing tasks that are clearly detailed in the program documentation or have questions that should be addressed to a campaign manager or consultant. These calls frequently cause delays for legitimate support calls.

Your PDI Online Campaign Center subscription entitles you to a variety of free product support options that address any problem or defect related to the normal operation and functioning of the program. Additional support options are available for a fee.

Free Technical Support Options:

  • PDI Online Campaign Center User Manual
  • Program Help Menus
  • Email Support – From program Home Page “Send email to PDI” (
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • One-time brief orientation – 30 minutes by web conference/phone
  • *Limited Phone Technical Support – (Hours 9:00a.m. – 4:00p.m)

Please note that, this service is only free, if questions reflect problems with the normal operating and functioning of the program or subjects not covered in other product documentation. Users will be notified if a call does not qualify as free support.

Issues that are not covered in the free limited product support plan:

Answers to questions such as how to create a walk list, perform a mail merge, and import a flag should be sought in the product documentation before calling technical support. Answers to questions dealing with choosing propensity universes or precincts to select should be addressed to the Campaign Manager or consultant.

Our goal is to have users of the Campaign Manager software effectively managing their data files. We simply do not have the resources to be utilized in lieu of product documentation.

Technical Support Hours are 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday

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