Mailing Data

The PDI mail file includes name, address and house salutation. We can also include custom fields for variable text projects. Mail files use our standard non-traditional householding method to essentially limit your mailing to one piece of mail per address. Upon request, we can provide mail files including one voter per record or use a traditional household definition for more personalized mailings. We routinely run our data through National Change of Address (NCOA) data, removing any known bad mailing addresses. NCOA documentation is also available upon request.

Standard Mail File Layout (Non-Traditional Householding)
Traditional/1 per voter Mail File Layout

We recommend you check out our tips about processing your own mail files if you are handling your mail in-house instead of using a mail professional.

Absentee Application form data

The PDI absentee application file contains all of the quality information you need in an easy to use layout, including mailing address, residence address and voter ID number. This file can be formatted with one voter per record for a single application form, or two voters per record for a 2-up application form. Contact us for options and details.

Absentee Application File – 2 voters per household Layout
Absentee Application File – 1 per voter Layout
(Please note, that Permanent Absentee voters must be excluded from any absentee application form mailers. We also can not include phone numbers or birth date information as instructed by the County Registrar)