Getting Started

Purchasing voter data can be complicated and a little intimidating. If you are new to campaigns, the experience is almost like learning a new language of terms and products. We designed this website to help you understand the process and make smart decisions in targeting voter universes and choosing the best data products and services.

Since most campaigns have limited resources, it is critical to figure out how to get the most out of your money, time, and volunteer hours. The first step is figuring out how many voters you will need to contact in order to win the election. This is usually 50% +1 votes but can be lower in races where more than one seat is up for election or several candidates in the race.

Once you identify the number of votes you will need to win, reality sets in and you figure out how many voters you can actually afford to contact.  The bottom line in this whole process is that if you can only afford to contact 20,000 voters, you want to make sure you are contacting the best 20,000 voters based on their likelihood to turnout on Election Day and vote for you.  PDI offers many prebuilt turnout universes to help you quickly identify the top propensity voters.

This is where the PDI website can help you get started. The Count Reports page is a free tool that will generate counts of voters and household broken down by many demographic fields and past election turnout. The voter count is important for reaching your win total while the household count identifies how many pieces of mail, phone calls, or doors you will need to knock.

Once you know which voters you should contact, you can review the various PDI products and methods of communications found on the Products page.

If you are the do it yourself type, the PDI Campaign Center Software might be right choice since it lets you manage your own voter data and generate different types of lists.  It’s a little more work but gives you more control over your campaign.  The alternative option is to order individual data products Online. You can order voter data right on the counts page. If you need help figuring out which district or voter universe to purchase, a PDI Targeting Consultant can help.  Prior to purchasing data, you can use our Price Calculator for pricing information.

The PDI website contains everything you will need to target voters in your district, make smart decisions on purchasing data, and understand all the terms (Support), concepts, products related to managing a political campaign .