The client services team at PDI has over fifty years of experience working with political campaigns and organizations in California. In fact, each consultant has at least ten years of campaign data experience. This is why the majority of professional political consultants in California use PDI. We work with statewide & national organizations as well as first-time candidates in local races. The majority of our clients take advantage of our targeting expertise and purchase data files through our client consultants. We are always available to provide the assistance you need to make intelligent decisions when utilizing your voter data.

Targeting Consulting

Nobody knows the California voter file and political landscape better than the PDI targeting consultants. No client is too big or too small to get the expert advice in using voter data. Each year we assist thousands of campaigns under strict confidentiality. If you are using our self-service tools such as the PDI online system, you are still welcome to take advantage of our knowledgeable consultants.

PDI Propensity Universes

Knowing which voters are likely to turnout is the most important component of your target universe. The PDI targeting experts create propensity universe options and models to provide a simple process for accurately predicting voters likely to turnout in upcoming elections. Choosing the universe option that best fits your budget removes voters unlikely to turnout on Election Date and saves your campaign valuable time and money.

Building the Best Voter File

The same expert consultants who work with thousands of campaigns and organizations every year also lead the continual development of our voter database. As we get a first hand accounting of the needs and work done by our clients, we use this information to make our data and technology better each cycle. People always ask what we do between election cycles. The answer is we are always working on building the best possible voter file and technology.