Voter Email Addresses

If you are interested in using our voter email address data, you will need to get a subscription to the PDI Campaign Center.  Unlike our other standard data products like walk lists, mail and phone files, we do not provide/sell lists or files of raw email addresses to be sent from an outside system. For use of our email addresses you will need to have a subscription to the PDI Campaign Center. Inside the PDI Campaign Center, you can create and send custom email messages to any voters you choose who have valid emails in our system.  PDI Campaign Center subscriptions can start at as little as $250 per campaign/organization, then you pay a penny per every email you send to.

If you are interested in learning more about the PDI Campaign Center software program, visit our PDI Campaign Center Product page. To see it in action, sign up for a training, or watch the demos visit our See It page. Want to get an account? Click here to get pricing and sign-up for a PDI Campaign Center Account today.

Get Access to Voter Emails