Email Addresses

Thinking Outside the Mailbox – Email

Contacting voters by email can be an effective alternative to more conventional methods such as mail and phone. Since we began selling email lists in 2003, many of our clients have successfully used email for voter contact, fundraising, signature gathering, and constituency communications. We currently have over 3.3 million voters with email addresses matched to our voter file.

The benefits of contacting voters by email:

  • It’s cost-effective. The cost to send an emailing is usually 80% less than US mail.
  • The emails arrive instantly. Your email will reach voters in minutes at any time of the day.
  • Emailing is environmentally responsible. Emailing does not produce any waste material.
  • It is effective. Everybody will at least read the subject line of their email.
  • It will not get buried in the pile of other political and commercial mailings
  • Emailing provides the ability to track response and delivery success.

The Match Process

Political Data Inc. has partnered with Influential Data to provide accurate email addresses that adhere to the highest industry standards for responsible use.

  1. The PDI statewide voter file is matched to email lists from multiple vendors.
  2. We send a “Welcome” email message to each email matched name asking permission to continue communicating.
  3. We purge our list of those who “opt out” of further communication or those who’s email address bounced.
  4. We continue to exclude addresses that become invalid.

Contact your PDI account representative for more information about purchasing emails.

Email Address (Standard Voter) file Layout