Absentee Info

Chasing Absentee Voters

Political Data can help your campaign identify voters who apply for an absentee ballot shortly after the voter’s application is processed by county registrars. Over the years, we have perfected a system to distribute absentee voter information to hundreds of campaigns throughout California. Our data turnaround is usually within a few hours of receiving the data from the ROVs.

We can provide data to any demographic and/or geographic specification as a mail file, phone file, or file of IDs. If you are using the PDI Online Campaign Center, you will receive absentee applicant information automatically integrated into the system. No data processing or importing is necessary.

Roughly ten days prior to an election, some counties will identify voters who have returned their ballots to the county registrars. This information allows campaigns to exclude voters who have already voted and focus resources on voters who have yet to vote.

*Counties have different schedules for creating absentee files that can vary from daily to weekly updates. Call us for information on the availability and schedule for your county.